Who went to that funeral?


Bear with me for this short and technical introduction.

There are more than 16 millions refugees around the world, the numbers of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees say.

“A refugee is a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster”. This definition doesn’t match a number of other cases in which a person is moving because of, for example, famines, economic crisis or simply poverty. Doing the maths, the overall number of people that the UNHCR considers of its concern reached 46 millions, in 2014.

11992294_1677583905794921_1760945563_nToday one of my friends sent me this cartoon, drawn two days ago to mourn the death of the little Aylan, drowned in the Turkish waters trying to leave Syria with his family. The cartoonist wanted to blame the Gulf countries because they aren’t accepting refugees.

My friend pointed my attention on the fact that if it is true that none of the Gulf countries is lately doing any effort to help the refugees – and generally, the migrants – it is nonetheless true that the United States aren’t doing anything really different.

Since 2011, the US have accepted only around 1500 Syrian refugees. A quite poor number, if we compare it with the 800,000 Germany is set to take by the end of the year.

This is why my friend asked me to work on this – beautiful in its toughness – cartoon, adding the United States President Obama to the Middle-Eastern crowd that is staring motionless and emotionless at the little Aylan.

Then we reflected on the fact that maybe he shouldn’t stand right in the front, because his – his administration’s – guilt is not big enough for him to deserve to be one of the main targets of this critique.

Yet, not only the US are refusing to accept an adequate number of refugees. Indeed, we all know that the US, captained by Mr. Bush, has it’s share of responsibility – let’s put it like this, euphemistically – in the skyrocketing of the number of migrants and specifically refugees all over the world, particularly in the Middle-East.

So yes, let’s let this be a front-row performance, for Obama. We know Americans always prefer it like this.


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