“Blind Fear”

“Blind Fear”: An editorial cartoon about putting the Coronavirus into perspective

Yesterday I was at the Creatives for Climate event “Action Works”, organized by The Humblebrag to foster collaboration in between creatives to try and change things before it’s too late.

We didn’t talk about the virus that’s spreading panic all over the world. We talked instead about the issue for which we should really panic: climate change.

It’s sad to see that a serious side-effect of this epidemic is the fact that a number of incredibly worrisome signs pass under silence: locusts invade Africa and the Middle East; this has been the warmest winter ever; Arctic and Antarctic are melting down; pollution is eating up our lungs. Not to mention things not related to climate but sad and infuriating, such as people killed in senseless wars, racism, etc, etc.

When will the media start doing their job and stop milking this virus story, to focus their attention on the real issues we need to face?

Blind fear - Del Rosso

Published by Emanuele

Emanuele Del Rosso is a tall, 28 years old Italian guy. He is a journalist, but also a photographer and, in his free time, a cartoonist. His main interests are international and political news, but you will find features and long form articles with his firm as well. He likes to dress elegant, to brush his moustache and to read the newspapers drinking some good tea. You can follow him on twitter @EmaDelRosso. Take a look at his works also at http://delrossophoto.com/ at http://www.vogue.it/photovogue

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