43i4128.jpgEmanuele Del Rosso
is an Italian journalist and cartoonist. He was born in Trento (Italy) in 1986.

He studied modern and contemporary Italian and world literature in Milan and Trento, before graduating in Journalism at the University of Groningen.

He worked for, and collaborated with, several online magazines and newspapers, both in Italy and in the Netherlands.

At the moment he works as Web Communication Specialist for the Italian enterprise for development Trentino Sviluppo. In the past years he worked as journalist, cartoonist and freelance illustrator with the International Justice Desk and the Love Matters Desk at RNW Media. He also collaborated with several magazines, among which ItalianRadio and 31Mag.nl, and he published some of his illustrations on the cartoons database CartoonStock.

Since February 2016, he has also been member of Cartoon Movement, one of the most important publishing platforms for high quality political cartoons and comics journalism.