Bend the Knee

A Minneapolis police officer chocked to death George Floyd kneeling on his neck, while three other colleagues were holding him still and he was screaming “I can’t breath”. We coexist with this day-to-day banal evil, made of good family guys, good neighbors, good citizens that are, instead, beasts and monsters inside, and can kill withoutContinue reading “Bend the Knee”

Ezio Bosso passed away

I was supposed to prepare an illustration for an editorial cartoons contest this afternoon, but I got the news that Ezio Bosso, Italian composer, musician and orchestra director, passed away. Then I remembered what a friend of mine and cartoonist, Tjeerd, told me about editorial cartoons: “If the news you read makes you angry, that’sContinue reading “Ezio Bosso passed away”

“Blind Fear”

“Blind Fear”: An editorial cartoon about putting the Coronavirus into perspective Yesterday I was at the Creatives for Climate event “Action Works”, organized by The Humblebrag to foster collaboration in between creatives to try and change things before it’s too late. We didn’t talk about the virus that’s spreading panic all over the world. WeContinue reading ““Blind Fear””