If you’d like to buy the license for one or – “the more the marrier” – more of my cartoons, you can either contact me directly ( or visit my e-shop page on The Cartoon Movement’s website.

You liked sooo much one of my cartoons you want it in hard copy, to show it to guests, maybe sit around it in a semi-circle and talk about politics for hours and hours. Then contact me directly at!

Tote Bags
If you care about cartoons and politics and want to bring a take on a particular topic with you, then you should join the “#MyTakeOn” project.

MyTakeOn is a social project that takes the shape of a tote bag which carries one of my cartoons. The aim of this is fostering offline conversations about politics, bringing it back to where it comes from: the streets. Wear a tote bag and, when they’ll ask you where you got it, tell them about the topic the cartoon talks about, instead.

You can either order one of the bags you see in this page, or ask for a personalized one, if you liked a cartoon and absolutely want it on your bag!